The 2015 NIED-TEM workshop of Seismic Hazard Assessment,
August 25-28, 2015, Tsukuba, Japan

   The TEM-NIED bilateral workshops have been carried on more than three years. The interests of both sides are far beyond a general information and presentation. With developing of Taiwan PSHA map, different seismogenic source models have appeared such as CGS version, and TEM version. Moreover, various PSHA parameters and models in practice have been argued, and some of them with dilemma are even difficulty in theoretical. These important issues were summarized in five categories: (1) Active fault parameters, (2) Velocity structure, (3) Scenario EQ waveform simulation, (4) GMPE, and (5) Seismic Hazard Assessment. Over 30 questions and arguments dig deeper to geological, seismology, strong motion simulation, surface geological survey, and modelings. Questions also went to organization, mechanism, and authorizations.
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The 2015 NIED-TEM workshop 報告
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