Seismology Forum 2017: Natural Hazards and Surface Processes
Organizer:Institute of Earth Sciences, Academia Sinica
Date:2017/03/17(五) 09:30~16:00
Venue:2F Colloquium room, Institute of Earth Sciences, Academia Sinica(中研院地球所二樓演講廳)
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TimeSpeaker & Title
09:30-10:00Prof. Victor Tsai (Caltech)
Quantifying natural hazards: from earthquake damage to debris flows  
10:00-10:20Dr. Ya-Ju Hsu (IES)
Preliminary results from landslide monitoring system at the Lantai site
10:20-10:40Dr. Chia-Han Tseng (IES)
Monitoring a dip-slope at Huafan University in northern Taiwan: previous and recent findings
10:40-11:10Break & Poster session
Prof. Chyi-Tyi Lee (NCU)
Statistical seismic landslide hazard analysis: an example from Taiwan 
11:30-11:50Prof. Wei-An Chao (NCTU)
Near-real-time seismology-based landslide monitoring system 
11:50-12:10Dr. Cheng-Hong Lin (IES)
Dynamic triggering of a phreatic eruption at Tatun Volcano Group
13:10-13:50Poster session
13:50-14:10Dr. Chun-Te Chen (IES)
Numerical modeling of 3D seismic wave propagation in the Southwestern plain of Taiwan 
14:10-14:30Prof. Kate Huihsuan Chen (NTNU)
Controls of repeating earthquakes' location: what we learned from a- and b-value imaging 
14:30-15:20Prof. Hiroo Kanamori (Caltech)
The 1910 deep Taiwan earthquake and its implication for ground-motion
hazard in Taipei 
15:20-16:00Close up discussion