2014 Taiwan-Japan-New Zealand Seismic Hazard Assessment Meeting
Host:Taiwan Earthquake Model (TEM)
Date:19th-20thMay, 2014
Vanue:Room 101, National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering(NCREE), National Applied Research Laboratories, Taipei, Taiwan 

  Taiwan Earthquake Model (TEM) and National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention (NIED), Japan had their first joint workshop on seismic hazard assessment held in June 2012 in Taiwan. The subsequent second workshop took place in June 2013 at Sendai, Japan. In 2014, TEM and NIED are very pleased to have GNS Science, New Zealand to join the workshop and share their experiences on seismic assessment in south west Pacific. The 2014 Taiwan-Japan-New Zealand Seismic Hazard Assessment Meeting will be held on 19-23 May in Taipei, Taiwan. The meeting includes a two-day workshop, followed by a three-day field trip to eastern Taiwan. Throughout the workshop, we will share our experiences on seismic hazard and risk assessments and discuss common problems that we may encounter.