Seismology Forum Meeting 2016: the 0206 Meinong earthquake
Organizer:Institute of Earth Sciences, Academia Sinica
Venue:2F Lecture Hall, Institute of Earth Sciences, Academia Sinica(中研院地球所二樓演講廳)
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TimeSpeaker & Title
Chair: Dr. Li ZHAO (IES)
09:00-09:10Dr. Lou-Chuang LEE (Director of IES)
Opening speech
09:10-09:50Prof. Hiroo KANAMORI (Caltech) (請來信索取
Outsider's Observation of the 0206 Earthquake and the Lessons Learned
10:10-10:30Dr. Hsin-Chieh PU (CWB) 檔案
Seismic Behavior of the 0206 Meinong Earthquake Sequence in 2016
Chair: Prof. Tai-Lin TSENG (NTU)
10:50-11:10Dr. Wen-Tzong LIANG (IES) 檔案
Development of a Real-time Earthquake Science Information System
11:10-11:30Prof. Yih-Min WU (NTU) 檔案
Performance of Low-cost Earthquake Early Warning System (P-alert) during the 2016 ML 6.4 Meinong (Taiwan) Earthquake
11:30-11:50Prof. Kuo-Fong MA (NCU) 檔案
Observations and Doubts for the 0206 Meinong Earthquake
11:50-12:10Dr. Shiann-Jong LEE (IES) 檔案
Source Complexity of the 0206 Meinong Earthquake
Chair: Dr. Ya-Ju HSU (IES)
13:30-13:50Dr. Jian-Cheng LEE (IES)
Active Tectonics and Its Relationship with the Potential Seismogenic Structures in Southwestern Taiwan: an Afterthought of the 2016 Meinong Earthquake
13:50-14:10Dr. Ling-Ho CHUNG (CCU) 檔案
The Preliminary Field Survey of 206 Menong Earthquake and Its Neotectonic Imprecation
14:10-14:30Prof. Jyr-Ching HU (NTU)
Triggered Slip Along a Shallow Structure by Meinong Earthquake Revealed by SAR Interferometry and CGPS
Chair: Dr. Wen-Tzong LIANG (IES)
14:50-15:10Dr. Wei-Sen LI (NCDR) 檔案
Policies and Implementations on Seismic Risk Reduction in Taiwan
15:10-15:30Dr. Chun-Hsiang KUO (NCREE) 檔案
The Strong Ground Motions and Site Effects in the Near-source Region of the MeiNong Earthquake
15:30-15:50Prof. Lap-Loi CHUNG (NCREE) 檔案
Behavior of Buildings in 0206 Meinong Earthquake

Chair: Dr. Bor-Shouh HUANG (IES)

Scientific Exhibition and Interaction